Open Source Game Clones

This site tries to gather open-source reimplementations of great old games in one place. If you think that something is missing from the list - please go to our Github repository and create an issue or even a pull request!

Since all these projects are open-source you can help them and make this world a better place. Or at least you can play something to appreciate the effort people put in them.

Similar resources: check out Liberated Games, which specializes on commercial games, which were made free, and Free Gamer, a blog dedicated to open source game news.

All games that were added in last month are highlighted like this.

List of complete clones

Some of these games aren't reimplementations but evolution of original ones, which were eventually open sourced.
ScummVM - very active development, C++. List of supported games is here (repository).
1945 #
Py1945 - halted development, Python, GPL (repository).
3D Deathchase #
Deathchase 3D - C, GPL2 (repository).
Abuse #
Abuse - development halted, playable, C++, Lisp (repository).
Ace of Spades #
Iceball - active development, C/Lua, multiple licences (repository).
OpenSpades - active development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
Achtung, die Kurve! #
Zatacka - halted development, C, SDL, GPL (repository).
Age of Empires II #
openage - active development, runnable (not playable yet), requires original files, C++14, Python, SDL, GPL3 (repository).
Akalabeth: World of Doom #
Aklabeth - C, GPL2 (repository).
Alien 8 #
Alien 8 - development halted, playable, C.
Allegiance #
Free Allegiance - sporadic development, C, Shared source (repository).
Alone in the Dark #
Alone in the Dark 2
Jack in the Dark
Alone in the Dark 3
Free in the Dark - development halted, C, GPL (repository).
Anacreon: Reconstruction 4021 #
Ard-Reil: Anacreon Reconstruction Project - halted development, C, C++, Java, Pascal, GPL2 (repository).
Another World #
Out of This World
Outer World (アウターワールド Autā Wārudo)
New RAW - development halted, C++, GPL (repository).
Another World 2: Heart of the Alien #
Heart of the Alien - development halted, C (repository).
Archon: The Light and the Dark #
XArchon - halted development, (C, C++), GPL3 (repository).
Ares #
Antares - active development, C++, GPL3, playable (repository).
Armor Alley #
Armor Alley - active development, JavaScript, CC3.0 (repository).
Artillery Duel #
Artillery Duel - halted development, Python, GPL3 (repository).
Arx Fatalis #
Arx Libertatis - active development, C++; needs original game files (repository).
Ascendancy #
Starlane Empire - development halted, C++, GPL (repository).
Asteroids #
Maelstrom - development halted, playable, C.
Vectoroids - halted development, C, GPL2 (repository).
Agendaroids - halted development, C, GPL2 (repository).
Asylum #
SDL Asylum - halted development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
Atomix #
Atomiks - C, playable.
KAtomic - C++, active development.
GNOME Atomix - C, development halted.
WAtomic - halted development, Delphi/Kylix, GPL2 (repository).
AstroMenace #
AstroMenace - active development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
Astrosmash #
Cosmosmash - sporadic development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Awesomenauts #
BlakedAwesomenaughts - active development, (JavaScript & PHP), MIT (repository).
Babaliba #
Babaliba - Microsoft Visual FoxPro, no specified licence (repository).
Baldur's Gate series #
Icewind Dale series
Planescape: Torment
GemRB - active development, C++ (repository).
Ballerburg #
Ballerburg SDL - active development, C, GPL3 (repository).
Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior #
Barbarian - active development, Quick Basic (QB64), no licence specified (repository).
Battle Chess #
Open BattleChess - halted development, C#, LGPL (repository).
Battle City #
Battle City - sporadic development, playable, C++ (repository).
TZOD (Tank Zone Of Death) - sporadic development, C++ & Lua, GPL3 (repository).
Bejeweled #
biju-game - halted development & WIP, (JavaScript & CraftJS), no specified licence (repository).
Bermuda Syndrome #
Bermuda Syndrome - sporadic (or halted) development, playable.
Betrayal at Krondor #
xBaK - sporadic (or halted) development, playable.
The Binding of Isaac #
Witch Blast - active development, playable, C++, SFML, GPL3, CC BY-NC-SA (repository).
Blade Runner #
replicant - stalled development, WIP, C++ (repository).
bladerunner (Engine within SCUMMVM) - active development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Blake Stone: Planet Strike #
bstone - active development, playable, c++.
Blood #
Blood Crossmatching (EDuke32 vanilla) - active development (repository).
Transfusion - sporadic development, playable (repository).
Bolo #
orona - development halted, playable, HTML5 (repository).
Bomberman #
SDL Bomber - development halted, playable, C.
Bombic - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Bombic2 - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Bomb Mania Reloaded - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
I Have No Tomatoes - halted development, C++, custom licence (repository).
Boulder Dash #
Rocks n diamonds - sporadic development, playable, C.
GDash - active development, C++ (repository).
Mining Haze - halted development, C, GPL2 (repository).
Digger - active development, TypeScript, no specified licence (repository).
boulder-dash - active development, Java, no specified licence (repository).
Bratwurst #
bratwurst - halted development, Lisp, GPL2 (repository).
Bruce Lee #
Jet Lee - active development, C++, no specified licence (repository).
Bubble Bobble #
The Bub's Brothers - halted development, Python, MIT (repository).
BurgerTime #
BurgerSpace - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Buster Bros #
Pomping World
Pang Zero - halted development, Perl, GPL2 (repository).
Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space #
Race Into Space - active development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Cadaver #
Cadaver - halted development, incomplete, PC game files required, C++ (repository).
Caesar 3 #
CaesarIA - active development, C++, somewhat playable.
Call to Power II #
Civilization: Call To Power 2 Source Project - C, custom licence (repository).
Cannon Fodder #
Open Fodder - active development, playable, C++ (repository).
Cannon Fodder - halted development, HTML5, no licence specified (repository).
Carmageddon #
OpenC1 - sporadic development, playable, needs game data, C# (repository).
Castle of the Winds #
cotwmtor - active development, JavaScript, MIT (repository).
Catacomb II #
CatacombSDL - playable, needs game data, C (repository).
Cave Story #
NXEngine - sporadic development, playable, needs game data (but it's free!).
Chip's Challenge #
Tile World - playable, C.
Tile World 2 - playable, C (repository).
ChuChu Rocket! #
Duck Marines - active development, playable, Lua, music is CC-BY-NC-ND (repository).
Circus Atari #
Circus Linux! - halted development, C, GPL2 (repository).
Clonk #
OpenClonk - active development, C++ (repository).
Commando #
CommandoJS - halted development, playable, JavaScript, Coffeescript, melonJS, MIT (repository).
Commander Keen Series #
Commander Genius - active development, C++ (repository).
Keen Dreams - active development, C, GPL 2 (repository).
Omnispeak - active development, C, GPL2 (repository).
Command & Conquer #
Command & Conquer: Red Alert
Dune 2000
OpenRA - active development, C# (repository).
Contra #
Contra_remake - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
CookieClickerRemake - active development, C#, no specified licence (repository).
Crazy Cars #
Crazy Cars - Quick Basic (QB64), no specified licence (repository).
Creatures #
Open Creatures - development halted, forks present, C++, LGPL (repository).
Crystal Quest #
CrystalQuest - active development, (HTML5, JavaScript & JQuery), MIT (repository).
Curse of the Azure Bonds #
coab - sporadic development, playable, C# (repository).
Cytadela #
Cytadela - sporadic development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
C-Dogs #
C-Dogs SDL - active development, playable, C, SDL (repository).
Dandy #
Fight Or Perish - sporadic development, C, GPL2 (repository).
Dark Reign 2 #
Dark Reign 2 - in-active development, C++, dubious licence (see project page) (repository).
Defender #
Defendguin - sporadic development, C, GPL2 (repository).
Descent #
Descent 2
D2X - active development, C++ (repository).
DXX-Rebirth - active development, C (repository).
Kathodos - halted development, (Python & Panda3D), no specified licence (repository).
DesertStrike: Return to the Gulf #
openstrike - sporadic development, not playable, C++, GPL3 (repository).
Diablo #
freeablo - active development, needs game data, C++ (repository).
Digimon World #
Digimon World Project Ark - active development, (Unity & C#), no specified licence (repository).
Dodger #
dodger-remake - halted development, C++, no specified licence (repository).
Dogs of War #
openDOW - sporadic development, C, GPL3 (repository).
Doom #
Doom II
Doomsday - active development, C (repository).
Chocolate Doom - active development, C (repository).
ZDoom - active development, C (repository).
PrBoom+ - active development, C (repository).
Odamex - active development, C (repository).
GLHeretic - C (repository).
Freedoom - free resources for Doom II, sporadic development (repository).
Doom Legacy - active development, playable, C++ (repository).
GZDoom - active development, C++ (repository).
Mocha Doom - active development, Java, GPL3 (repository).
DOOM-iOS - halted development, C++, GPL2, iOS (repository).
Doom 3 #
dhewm3 - active development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
RBDOOM-3-BFG - active development, C++, GPL3, BFG edition only (repository).
Drugwars #
Dope Wars - sporadic development, C (repository).
RxWars - active development, JavaScript, no specified licence (repository).
Deuteros #
Deuteros X - halted development, C# (repository).
Dink Smallwood #
GNU FreeDink - sporadic development, C, GPL3 (repository).
Duck Hunt #
duckhunt - sporadic development, Python (repository).
Duck-Rehunt - halted development, Python, GPL (repository).
Duck Hunter - halted development, Python, no licence specified (repository).
duckhunt - halted development, JavaScript, no specified licence (repository).
Duke Nukem #
Freenukum Jump'n Run - stalled development, C, GPL3 (repository).
Duke Nukem 3D #
EDuke32 - active development, C (repository).
Dune 2 #
Dune Legacy - active development, C++ (repository).
OpenDUNE - active development, C (repository).
Dune Dynasty - active development, C (repository).
Dune II - The Maker - development halted, C++, MIT (repository).
Dungeon Keeper #
KeeperFX - active development, C; not really a clone, but a hack to make Dungeon Keeper run on recent OSes (repository).
Dungeon Master #
Chaos Strikes Back - halted development, C++, Stolenware (repository).
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial #
javascript-E.T. - sporadic development, (HTML5 & JavaScript), (AS-IS) licence (repository).
Earth Shaker #
EarthShakerDS - active development, C++, custom licence, Nintendo DS port (repository).
Eat The Whistle #
Eat The Whistle - sporadic development, C, GPL2 (repository).
Echochrome #
Mugen Kairō
l-echo - halted development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
Elements #
OpenEtG - active development, JavaScript, (AS-IS) licence (repository).
Encounter #
encounter - active development, (JavaScript & WebGL), no specified licence (repository).
Entombed! #
Entombed! - halted development, C, no specified license (repository).
Escape from Colditz #
Colditz Escape! - active development, C, GPL3 (repository).
Eye of the Beholder II #
Dungeon Eye - sporadic development, C# (repository).
Elasto Mania #
X-Moto - active development, playable, C++.
The Elder Scrolls: Arena #
opentesarena - halted development, Python, no specified licence (repository).
opentesarenapp - halted development, C++, no specified licence (repository).
The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall #
Daggerfall.NET - stalled development, C# (repository).
opendf - active development, C++, GPL3, not playable (repository).
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind #
OpenMW - active development, C++ (repository).
Emperor of the Fading Suns #
Phoenix - active development, Java, no specified licence (repository).
Exile #
Blades of Exile
Blades of Exile - active development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Exile 1988 #
EXILE - halted development, (LÖVE, Lua), custom (AS-IS) licence (repository).
Exolon #
exolon - active development, JavaScript (repository).
F-1 Spirit #
F-1 Spirit - C++, no licence specified (repository).
F-Zero #
F-Zero Clone - active development, (JavaScript - CoffeeScript, WebGL), no specified licence (repository).
Racer - active development, (C++ & Python), GPL3 (repository).
Fade to Black #
f2bgl - sporadic development, C++.
Fallout 2 #
DarkFO - active development, (JavaScript & Python), not playable, needs game data, Apache License.
Falltergeist - active development, C++, not playable, needs game data (repository).
Fallout 3: Van Buren #
Van Buren Project - halted development, C#, custom licence (NeoAxis 3D Engine 2.0 Free SDK License Agreement) (repository).
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel #
FreeFT - active development, C++, (AS-IS) licence (repository).
Fantastic Journey #
Gokujō Parodius!
pucpr-ld-parodius - halted development, Construct2, no specified licence (repository).
Flappy Bird #
CrappyBird - sporadic development, JavaScript, MIT (repository).
Clumsy Bird - active development, MelonJS, MIT (repository).
Hocoslamfy - halted development, C, SDL, GPL (repository).
Flashback #
REminiscence - moderately active development.
Floor 13 #
Floor 13 - active development, Ruby (repository).
Flying Shark #
Friking Shark - stalled development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
Final Fantasy VIII #
OpenTriad - active development, Java, no specified licence.
Flag Catcher #
Gift Grabber - active development, (JavaScript & BackBone.js), no specified licence (repository).
Football Manager #
Football Manager - C, GPL2 (repository).
Forsaken #
ProjectX - playable (repository).
FreeSpace 2 #
FreeSpace Source Code Project - active development, C++ (repository).
Frog! #
Back To Nature
back-to-nature-c64-remake - multi-platform, active development, Java, no specified licence (repository).
Frogs and Flies #
Frog Bog
Batrachians - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Frogger #
Froggix - halted development, Python, GPL2 (repository).
Galaxian #
galaxian - halted development, ActionScript, no specified licence (repository).
Geometry Wars #
Geometry Wars Remake - halted development, Java, GPL (repository).
Grid Wars 2 - Blitz Max, no specified licence (repository).
Gish #
freegish - active development, C, custom licence (repository).
Gladiator #
Openglad - sporadic development, C++ (repository).
Glest #
Glest Advanced Engine - sporadic development, C++, playable.
Gods #
Gods -Deluxe- - stalled development, Java (repository).
GoldenEye 007 #
ges-code - active development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
The Goonies #
The Goonies - C++, no specified licence (repository).
Gorillas #
Gorillas - sporadic development, Objective-C, iOS, Java Research License 1.6 (repository).
Gravity Wars #
Slingshot - Python, playable, halted development, GPL2.
The Great Giana Sisters #
OpenGGS - active development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Grim Fandango #
Escape from Monkey Island
Myst III: Exile
ResidualVM - active development, C++.
Grand Theft Auto #
OpenGTA - development halted, C++ (repository).
Grand Theft Auto 2 #
gta2net - development halted, C# (repository).
Gravity Force #
Galaxy Forces V2 - active development, C++ (repository).
Guitar Hero #
Frets on Fire - development halted, playable, Python (look for songs on the wiki) (repository).
Frets on Fire X - active development, playable, Python (repository).
Halls of the Things #
Halls of the Things 2008/2011/2014 Remake - sporadic development, C#, no specified licence (repository).
Hardwar #
Hardwar - sporadic development, C/C++ (repository).
Haunted House #
HauntedHouse - finished development, ActionScript, no specified licence (repository).
Heart of Darkness #
HODe - unknown development status, C++ (repository).
Heavy Smash #
open-heavy-smash - halted development, C++, no specified licence (repository).
Hexen II #
Hammer of Thyrion - active development, C (repository).
Heroes of Might and Magic II #
fheroes2 - active development, C++ (repository).
Heroes of Might and Magic III #
Ancient Beast - active development, playable, HTML5, javascript (repository).
VCMI - active development, time-based releases, playable, requires original files, C++, SDL, GPL2 (repository).
Highway Encounter #
Vorton - halted development, C, GPL3 (repository).
History Line: 1914-1918 #
Historyline - halted development, (Unity, C#) (repository).
Homeworld #
Homeworld SDL - development halted, playable (repository).
HoverRace #
HoverRace - active development, C++, custom license (GrokkSoft HoverRace SourceCode License v1.0) (repository).
Hovertank 3D #
Hovertank3D - finished development, C & Assembly, GPL2 (repository).
Imperialism #
imperialism-remake - active development, Python, GPL3 (repository).
Imperium Galactica #
Open Imperium Galactica - occasional development, playable, Java (repository).
Interstate '76 #
Interstate Outlaws - halted development, Python, GPL (repository).
Iron Seed #
Iron Seed - halted development, Pascal, GPL3 (repository).
Jagged Alliance 2 #
Jagged Alliance 2 - Stracciatella - active development, playable.
Jazz Jackrabbit #
OpenJazz - sporadic development, C++ (repository).
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast #
JediOutcastLinux - active development, playable, C++.
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy #
JediAcademyLinux - active development, playable, C++.
OpenJK - active development, playable, C++.
Jetpac #
Jetpac remake - finished developent, (XNA & C#), no specified licence (repository).
JezzBall #
Ice Breaker - (repository).
Joust #
Ostrich Riders - halted development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative #
Open Jumpgate - active development, C++.
Jump 'n Bump #
Jump'n'Bump - halted development, C, GPL2.
Jumping Jack #
Jumping Jack: Further Adventures - halted development, C++, no licence specified (repository).
Jumping Jack 2: Worryingly Familiar - halted development, C++, no licence specified (repository).
Jumpman #
Jumpman - halted development, Assembly (repository).
Kaboom! #
DonkeyInTrouble - sporadic development, (Lua & LÖVE), no specified licence (repository).
Kid Chameleon #
KidChameleonRemake - active development, C#, no specified licence# (repository).
Knights #
Knights - active development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
Knights and Merchants #
KaM Remake - active development, Delphi (repository).
Kula World #
Roll Away
Kula Quest
Cubosphere - halted development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
Ladder #
Ladder - C#, no specified licence (repository).
Ladder - Java (source inside JAR file), GPL2 (repository).
Larn #
NLarn - active development, (C & Lua), GPL2 (repository).
Legion #
legion - halted development, (C++ & Irrlict), custom (AS-IS) licence (repository).
Lego Rock Raiders #
rock-raiders-remake - active development, JavaScript, no specified licence (repository).
The Lord of the Rings Volume 1 #
Lord of the Rings game engine - development halted, playable, C (repository).
Liero #
OpenLiero - development halted, C++ (repository).
OpenLieroX - active development, C++ (repository).
Gusanos - development halted, seems to be playable (repository).
Lionheart #
Lionheart Remake - active development, Java, GPL2 (repository).
Little Big Adventure #
twin-e - sporadic development, playable, needs game data, C, GPL (repository).
Locomotion (Amiga 1992) #
Pendomotion - active development, Python, no specified licence (repository).
Lode Runner #
XScavenger - development halted, playable, C.
Lode Runner - Total Recall - active development, HTML5, no specified licence (repository).
Log!cal #
Orbium - sporadic development, HTML5/JS, playable, GPL2 (repository).
Pathological - halted development, Python, GPL2 (repository).
Lose Your Marbles #
Lose Your Marbles - sporadic development, JavaScript, MIT (repository).
Lumines #
luminesk5 - halted development, Objective-C, GPL3 (repository).
Magical Drop #
Krystal Drop - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Marble Madness #
Marble Madness 3d - stalled development, C++ (repository).
Trackballs - stalled development, C++ (repository).
Missile Command #
Missile Command - development halted, playable, Lua (repository).
Mad TV #
TVTower - active development, BlitzMax, C (repository).
Maxit #
Maxit - Java, no specified licence (repository).
Maxit - sporadic development, C++, BSD (repository).
The Maze of Galious #
The Maze of Galious - C++, GPL2 (repository).
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault #
OpenMoHAA - halted development, C, GPL2 (repository).
Monty Mole #
Monty Mole PC remake - halted development, C++, no specified licence (repository).
Moonbase Commander #
Scorched Moon - sporadic development, Python, GPL3 (repository).
Mortal Kombat #
mk.js - halted development and basic game, JavaScript, MIT (repository).
The Need for Speed #
OpenNFS1 - halted development, C#, no specified licence (repository).
Night Stalker #
Afternoon Stalker - sporadic development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Outcast #
OpenOutcast - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Outrun #
アウト ラン
Auto Ran
Cannonball - active development, playable, C++, needs game data (repository).
Outrun - active development (WIP), Quick Basic (QB64), no specified licence (repository).
Oxyd #
Enigma - active development, C++ (repository).
Pac-Man #
pacman - halted development, JavaScript, custom licence (repository).
pacman-canvas - active development, HTML5, minimal licence (repository).
pacman - sporadic development, HTML5, no specified licence (repository).
Google Pacman - finished development, (JavaScript & Flash), no specified licence (repository).
pacman - active development, (HTM5 & JavaScript), no specified licence (repository).
jspacman-canvas - halted development, (JavaScript & HTML canvas), no specified licence (repository).
Populous: The Beginning #
OpenPop - halted development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
Portal #
glPortal - active development, C++, playable (repository).
Prince of Persia #
SDLPoP - C, active development, playable (repository).
FreePrince - C, halted development, mostly playable.
Quadnet #
Mauvenet - C++, no specified licence (repository).
Quake #
DarkPlaces - active development, C, GPL2 (repository).
ezQuake - active development, C, GPL2 (repository).
ProQuake 4 - C, GPL2 (repository).
QuakeSpasm - active development, C, GPL2 (repository).
TyrQuake - active development, C, GPL2 (repository).
Quake 2 #
Jake2 - active development, Java, GPL2 (repository).
Yamagi Quake II - active development, C, GPL2 (repository).
Quake 3 #
ioquake3 - active development, C (repository).
OpenArena - sporadic development, C (repository).
FQuake3 - sporadic development, F#, GPL2 (repository).
QuakeJS - halted development, JavaScript, MIT (repository).
Ken's Labyrinth #
LAB3D/SDL - sporadic development, C, no licence found (repository).
Lugaru: The Rabbit's Foot #
Lugaru - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
M.U.L.E. #
mewl - sporadic development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Manic Miner #
Manic Miner - Blitz Basic, freeware but no specified licence for source (repository).
Marathon #
Marathon 2
Marathon Infinity
Aleph One - active development, C++ (repository).
Mario World #
Secret Maryo Chronicles - sporadic development, C++ (repository).
Mari0 - LÖVE & Lua (repository).
Full Screen Mario - active development, playable, JavaScript, CCPL (repository).
Master of Orion 2 #
OpenMOO2 - moderately active development, Python (repository).
M.A.X. #
Mechanized Assault and eXploration Reloaded - moderately active development, C++ (repository).
Mech Warrior #
LinWarrior - stalled development, C++, Apache License (repository).
MechCommander 2 #
MechCommander 2 Omnitech - halted development, C++, mixed licence; Shared Source Limited Permissive License & GPL (repository).
Mega Lo Mania #
Gigalomania - moderately active development, playable, C++ (repository).
MegaMan #
Executive Man - active development, JavaScript, custom licence (repository).
Meridian 59 #
Meridian59_103 - active development, C, GPL2 (repository).
Millipede #
Monsters and Mushrooms - halted development, Python, GPL2 (repository).
Minecraft #
Minetest - active development, C/C++ (repository).
Manic Digger - moderately active development, C# (repository).
Gnomescroll - development halted, playable, C++, GPL3.
Terasology - active development, playable, Java, Apache License (repository).
Hematite - active development, Rust, MIT License (repository).
Digbuild - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
TrueCraft - active development, C#, custom licence (repository).
Voxelands - active development, C++, GPLv3 (repository).
pycraft - active development, Python, GPL2 (repository).
Minesweeper #
Minesweeper - halted development, F#, iOS, no specified licence (repository).
Movie Business #
movbizz - active development, (PHP & JavaScript), MIT (repository).
Nebulus #
Toppler - sporadic development, C++.
Nether Earth #
Nether Earth Remake - C++, no specified licence (repository).
Neverwinter Nights #
Neverwinter Nights 2
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords
Jade Empire
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
The Witcher
Dragon Age: Origins
Dragon Age II
xoreos - sporadic development, not playable, C++ (repository).
Nodes of Yesod #
Nodes of Yesnod remake - halted development, (XNA, C#), no specified licence (repository).
One Must Fall: 2097 #
OpenOMF - active development, single player, 2 player and network play are playable, needs free resources from (repository).
Ruby OMF 2097 Remake - halted development, Ruby, BSD4 (repository).
Overflow #
JOverflow - halted development, Java, no specified licence (repository).
Panzer General #
OpenGeneral - sporadic development, C++.
Open Panzer - active development, HTML5 (repository).
LGeneral - development halted (or very sporadic), playable, C (repository).
Paradroid #
FreedroidClassic - development completed, C.
Nighthawk - development halted, playable, C++ (repository).
Paratrooper #
Paratrooper - (repository).
Phantasy #
Phantasy - halted development, Java, no specified licence (repository).
Pipe Mania #
Pipemania - halted development, (Lua & Love3D), no specified licence (repository).
Pokémon #
Tuxemon - active development, alpha, playable, Python/Pygame (repository).
Pole Position #
grid-leader - halted development, (Python & Panda3D), no specified licence (repository).
Punch-Out!! #
THREEPunchOut - active development, JavaScript, no specified licence (repository).
Pushover #
Pushover - moderately active development, C++, playable (repository).
Puzznic / Brix #
Wizznic! - active development, C, playable (repository).
Q*bert #
ReQbert - halted development, HTML 5, GPL3 (repository).
R-Type #
R-Type Clone from Octobinz - development status unavailable, demo only, C++, no licence (repository).
rtype - halted development, C++, no licence (repository).
Railroad_Tycoon #
FreeRails - halted development, C++ & Java (repository).
FreeRails 2 - halted development, Java (repository).
Rampart #
Escalade - halted development, Scala, no specified licence (repository).
Rampart-Android - active development, Android, Java, no specified licence (repository).
Raptor: Call of the Shadows #
raptor - halted development, JavaScript, no specified licence (repository).
Redneck Rampage #
erampage (EDuke32 fork) - active development, C (repository).
Rescue! #
Rescue! Max - halted development, Java, GPL2 (repository).
Rick Dangerous #
xrick - halted development, playable, C.
rickyd - sporadic development, playable, C++ (repository).
Rise of the Triad #
Rise of the Triad for Linux - sporadic development, C (repository).
River Raid #
Ruby Raid - halted development, Ruby, no specified licence (repository).
The Adventures of Robbo #
Robbo - active development, JavaScript, playable (repository).
Road Fighter #
Road Fighter - C++, LGPL2 (repository).
Robotfindskitten #
rfk-inform - stalled development, Inform6 (repository).
Robotron: 2084 #
robotron - active development, JavaScript (repository).
Rodent's Revenge #
Open Rodent's Revenge - halted development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
RollerCoaster Tycoon #
FreeRCT - active development, C++ (repository).
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 #
OpenRCT2 - active development, C, GPL3 (repository).
Ryzom #
Ryzom Core - active development, C++, (AGPLv3 & Creative Commons Attributions-ShareAlike 3.0) (repository).
Scorched Earth #
Atomic Tanks - sporadic development, playable.
Scramble #
Scramble - PowerBASIC, no specified licence (repository).
Seaquest #
Seaquest - sporadic development, C#, no specified licence (repository).
Shadowgrounds: Survivor #
shadowgrounds - halted development, C++, Shadowgrounds & Shadowgrounds Survivor Source Code License (repository).
Simon #
asdf - finished development, JavaScript, MIT (repository).
Skool Daze #
pyskool - active development, Python, GPL3 (repository).
Space Rangers 2: Dominators #
OpenSR - active development, C++ & Python (repository).
Strike Commander #
libRealSpace - active development, C++ (repository).
Sensible Soccer #
FreeKick - active development, C++, GPL (repository).
YSoccer - sporadic development, BlitzMax, GPL (repository).
Sensitive #
One Way To Go - active development, Lua, GPL3 (repository).
The Sentinel #
sentinel - sporadic development, JavaFX, no specified licence (repository).
Seven Kingdoms #
Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries - active development, C++ (repository).
Shining Force II #
Shining Force 2 Reverse Engineer (SF2RE) - sporadic development, reverse engineering project, C, no specified licence (repository).
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri #
Freeciv Alpha Centauri project - halted development, C, GPL2 (repository).
Sid Meier's Colonization #
FreeCol - active development, Java (repository).
cc94 - required original files, active development, (C++ & Python), AGPL3 (repository).
Sid Meier's Pirates! #
Crown and Cutlass - halted development, C++, BSD (repository).
Shadow Warrior #
JonoF's Shadow Warrior Port (JFSW) - active development, C, playable (repository).
SWP - C, GPL2 (repository).
Siege #
FreeSiege - sporadic development, C++, playable (repository).
Siege of Avalon #
Siege of Avalon Open Source - stalled development, Pascal, custom license (repository).
Silencer #
zSILENCER - playable, C++ (repository).
Silent Hunter 4 #
Danger from the Deep - sporadic development, C++ (repository).
SimTower #
OpenSkyscraper - active development, C++, playable (repository).
SingStar #
UltraStar Deluxe - active development, Object Pascal, playable (repository).
Solar Fox #
SolarWolf - Python, LGPL 2.1 (repository).
Sopwith #
SDL Sopwith - development halted, playable, C (repository).
Sopwith 3 - C++, GPL2 (repository).
Space Invaders #
pyspaceinvaders - halted development, Python, GPL2 (repository).
Space Rangers #
Space-rangers - halted development, C#, no specified licence (repository).
Speedball 2 #
Speedball 2 - halted development, reverse engineered prototype, not fully playable, C#.
Star Control 2 #
The Ur-Quan Masters - active development, C (repository).
Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force #
RPG-X - active development, C, GPL2 (repository).
Starcraft #
Stargus - moderately active development, C++/Lua (repository).
Stunt Car Racer #
Stunt Car Racer Remake - stalled development, C++ (repository).
Stars! #
Freestars - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
NStars! - halted development, C#, GPL2 (repository).
Star Castle #
Star Castle - C++, resuse forbidden without permission (repository).
Star Raiders (Atari) #
Atari8bit_StarRaiders - halted development, reverse engineering project, Assembly (repository).
Star Wars (1983 arcade game) #
Star-Wars-III - finished development (only level 3 implemented), Python, GPL2 (repository).
Starshatter #
starshatter-open - sporadic development, C++, custom licence (Starshatter OpenSource Distribution) (repository).
Stunts #
4D Sports Driving
Ultimate Stunts - moderately active development, C++ (repository).
Styx #
Styx - halted development, C++, no specified licence (repository).
Supaplex #
splexhd - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Super Cars #
Supercars III - sporadic development, Java (repository).
Super Foul Egg #
SuperFoulEgg - stalled development, Objective C, custom licence (repository).
Super Mario #
Mega Mario - development halted, playable, C++.
pucpr-ld-mario3 - halted development, Construct2, no specified licence (repository).
Super Methane Brothers #
Super Methane Brothers - development halted, C++, playable.
super-methane-brothers-gx - sporadic development, C++, GPL2, (Wii and GameCube port) (repository).
Super Monkey Ball #
Veraball - active development, Gobot, MIT (repository).
irrlamb - active development, C++ & Irrlicht, GPL3 (repository).
Neverball - active development, C++ & SDL, GPL2 (repository).
Survivor (1986) #
Survivor - sporadic development, HTML + CSS + JavaScript, CC BY-NC 3.0 (repository).
Syndicate #
FreeSynd - active development, C++ (repository).
Syndicate Wars #
Syndicate Wars Port - playable (no network support), active newsgroup (no repo - no idea about development).
Terraria #
Open Terraria Rewrite - stalled development, WIP, Java (repository).
terrarium - active development, C++, no specified licence (repository).
The Castles of Dr. Creep #
DrCreep - development completed, C++ (repository).
The Hobbit #
hobbitgfx - actve development, JavaScript (repository).
The Last Ninja #
LastNinja - playable, sporadic development, C++ (repository).
The Settlers #
Freeserf - active development, playable, C (repository).
The Settlers II #
Return to the Roots - active development, C++ (repository).
The Settlers III #
JSettlers - active development, needs original files, Java (repository).
Shobon Action #
Open Syobon Action - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
SkiFree #
skifree.js - active development, JavaScript, custom licence (repository).
Skifree-HTML5-clone - halted development, HTML5, GPL3 (repository).
Slot Racers #
Slot-Racers - halted development, C, GPL3 (repository).
Space Station 13 #
ss13remake - halted development, C#, GPL3 (repository).
Star Fox 64 #
UnnamedStarFoxClone - active development, (C# & Unity), no specified licence (repository).
Stratosphere: Conquest of the Skies #
openStrato - active development, (JavaScript & WebGL), GPL2 (repository).
Swing #
XSwing Plus - sporadic development, Java, GPL3 (repository).
Tempest #
Arashi-JS - development halted, javascript (repository).
Space Twitch - active development, C# (repository).
wbta - active development, Java, Android, no specified licence (repository).
Test Drive #
opengl_test_drive_clone - C, GPL3 (repository).
Tetris Attack #
Panel Attack - active development, Lua, playable, basic networking support (repository).
Crack Attack! - development halted, C++, playable, networking support (repository).
FreeBlocks - active development, C, SDL, playable.
Theme Hospital #
CorsixTH - active development, time-based releases, C++, Lua, SDL 2 (repository).
Theme Park #
Theme Park Builder 3D CAD - halted development, (C++, OpenGL, SDL), GPL2 (repository).
Thromolus #
thromolusng - halted development, Python, GPL3 (repository).
Thrust #
Thrust - halted development, C, GPL2 (repository).
Tiny Wings #
Tiny Wings - halted development, Objective-C, MIT (repository).
Titus the Fox #
OpenTitus - sporadic development, C, SDL (repository).
Total Annihilation #
Spring - active development, C++, Java, Python (repository).
Total Annihilation 3D - moderately active development, C++ (repository).
Tomb Raider #
OpenRaider - active development, C++.
OpenTomb - active development, C++ (repository).
Touhou #
PyTouhou - active development, Python (repository).
Taisai Project - development halted, C, playable (repository).
Transplant #
Spaceship Duel - sporadic development, C#, BSD (repository).
Transport Tycoon #
Transport Tycoon Deluxe
OpenTTD - active development, C++, extremely playable (repository).
Tranz Am #
Tranzam - halted development, C++ (repository).
Tron #
newtron - halted development, (HTML & JavaScript), no specified licence (repository).
Turnabout #
turnabout - halted development, working in progress, CoffeeScript, no specified licence (repository).
Turrican #
Hurrican - development halted, playable (Makefile needs edits to compile on Linux), C++.
Tyrian #
OpenTyrian - moderately active development, C (repository).
Tyrian Remake - sporadic development, Java, GPL2 (repository).
Ugh! #
UGH-remake - halted development, C, no licence specified (repository).
gosugh - halted development, (Gosu and Chipmunk), MIT (repository).
Ultima Online #
Iris2 - development halted, playable (repository).
Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress #
UiirJS - halted development, JavaScript, no specified licence (repository).
Ultima IV #
xu4 - active development, C++ (repository).
Ultima VI #
The Savage Empire
Martian Dreams
Nuvie - active development, C++ (repository).
Ultima VII #
Exult - moderately active development, C++ (repository).
Ultima VIII #
Pentagram - sporadic development, C++ (repository).
Uncharted Waters #
Uncharted waters 2 remake - active development, Java, GPL2 (repository).
Uninvited #
uninvited - sporadic development, Inform, Artistic License 2.0 (repository).
Utopia #
Utopia - stalled development, JavaScript (repository).
Vlak #
Train - sporadic development, Java, BSD (repository).
Viper #
viper - halted development, CoffeeScript, no specified licence (repository).
Warlords II #
FreeLords - active development, Java, GPL2 (repository).
Warcraft: Orcs & Humans #
warcraft-remake - needs original files, active development, Java, GPL2 (repository).
Warcraft II #
Wargus - moderately active development, C++/Lua (repository).
Wario Land 3 #
Wario-Land-3 - active development, (Python & Pygame), no specified licence (repository).
Warzone 2100 #
Warzone 2100 - active development, C++ (repository).
Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? (1985) #
thiefcatcher - active development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
Willow #
Willow-Game-Remake - halted development, C++, only basic copyright (repository).
Wing Commander: Privateer #
Privateer - Gemini Gold - moderately active development, C++ (repository).
Wizard of Wor #
KnightOfWor - active development, Java, GPL3 (repository).
Wizardry #
Wizardry Legacy - active development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
Wolfenstein 3D #
Spear of Destiny
ECWolf - active development, C++ (repository).
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory #
ET: Legacy - active development, C, C++, Lua; needs original game files (repository).
World of Goo #
OpenGoo - active development, not playable (repository).
X-COM: UFO Defense #
UFO: Enemy Unknown
X-COM: Terror from the Deep
OpenXcom - active development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
UFO2000 - development halted, playable, C++ (repository).
X-COM: Apocalypse #
OpenApoc - active development, C++, MIT (repository).
X-It #
xit - halted development, JavaScript, no specified licence (repository).
Xenon 2 Megablast #
Phavon - halted development, C, WIP, GPL2 (repository).
XPilot #
XPilot NG - stalled development, C, GPL2 (repository).
XQuest #
XQuest 2 - Pascal, custom licence (repository).
Zarch #
Ajax3d - halted development, JavaScript, GPL2 (repository).
Z Virus - Blitz Basic, no specified licence (repository).
Z Virus V2 - Blitz Basic, no specified licence (repository).
Legend of Zelda #
Solarus - active development, C++/Lua (repository).
lttp-phaser - active development, (JavaScript, WebGL & Phaser), MIT (repository).
Z #
The Zod Engine - active development (repository).
Zoop #
KZap - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Zoop - Java, no specified licence (repository).
Zombie Apocalypse #
zombie apocalypse html5 - halted development & WIP, (HTML5 & JavaScript), no specified licence (repository).
Zork #
Zorkish - sporadic development, C++, no specified licence (repository).
Zuma #
Zaz - halted development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
Civilization #
Civ-Remake - active development, incomplete, Ruby, no specified licence (repository).
Elite #
Mission ELITE: The Battle For Birera - halted development, C, no specified licence (repository).
Elite II #
GLFrontier - halted development, C++ (repository).
Frontier 1337 - C, no specified licence, PSP port (repository).
Micro Machines #
Microracers - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
SkyRoads #
spaceroads - halted development, (C++ & Ogre3D), only basic copyright licence (repository).
OpenRoads - halted development, playable, (TypeScript, HTML5, WebGL), MIT (repository).

Inspired by original game series

Battle Chess #
Brutal Chess - halted develpment, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Battle City #
BattleCity2014 - sporadic development, (C++, Ogre3D and EntityX), no specified licence (repository).
Candy Crush Saga #
CookieCrunch - sporadic development, Swift, basic copyright licence (repository).
Dungeon Keeper 2 #
OpenKeeper - active development; Java; needs original game files; not playable yet; GPLv3 (repository).
Mortal Kombat #
OpenMortal - sporadic development, C++ (repository).
Master of Monsters #
The Battle for Wesnoth - active Development, (C++, C, Java, Python, Lua, Emacs Lisp), GPL2. (repository).
Thrust #
Transball GL - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Super Transball 2 - finished development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
Wizardry #
jClassicRPG - stalled development, Java, GPL3 (repository).
Wolfenstein 3D #
Spear of Destiny
Voxelstein 3D - halted development, C++, MIT (repository).
A-Train #
FreeRails - stalled development, C# (repository).
Age of Empires #
0 A.D. - active development, C++ (repository).
Anno series #
Unknown Horizons - active development, Python (repository).
Arkanoid #
PyBreak360 - active development, Python (repository).
Ball And Wall - active development, JavaScript, MIT (repository).
Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator #
Space Nerds In Space - active development, C, GPL2 (repository).
Battle Isle series #
Crimson Fields - development halted, playable, C++ (repository).
Advanced Strategic Command - playable, sporadic development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Battle Zone #
BZFlag - active development, C++ (repository).
Brain Blasters #
brainblast - sporadic development, C++, no specified licence (repository).
Breakout #
BRIQUOLO - halted development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
Civilization II #
Freeciv - active development, C (repository).
Play Freeciv! - active development, online browser game, C, Java, JavaScript (repository).
C-Evo - playable, Delphi (repository).
Diablo #
Summoning Wars - active development, C++, Lua (repository).
FreedroidRPG - active development, C, Lua, Python (repository).
Flare - active development, C++ (repository).
Dupocracy - active development, HTML5 (repository).
Dungeon Keeper #
OpenDungeons - active development, C++ (repository).
Guitar Hero #
Dance Dance Revolution
Performous - active development, C++, playable (repository).
Stepmania - active development, C++, Lua, playable (repository).
Elite #
Oolite - active development (repository).
Elite II #
Pioneer - active development, C++ (repository).
Escape Velocity #
Naev - active development, C (repository).
Endless Sky - active development, C++, GPL3 (repository).
Fall Down #
ativayeban - halted development, C, SDL, GPL2, playable (repository).
Falling Time - halted development, C, SDL2, GPL2, playable (repository).
Falcon #
FreeFalcon - active development, C++, win32, BSD2 (repository).
Lemmings #
Pingus - active development, C++ (repository).
Lix - active development, playable, C++ (repository).
JavaFXLemmings - active development, JavaFX, GPL2 (repository).
The Lost Vikings #
freeVikings - sporadic development, Ruby, GPL2 (repository).
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge #
RacerJS - halted development, JavaScript, MIT (repository).
Mario Kart #
SuperTuxKart - active development, C++, playable (repository).
Master of Orion Series #
FreeOrion - moderately active development, (C++, Python), Code GPL2, Content CC-BY-SA 3.0 (repository).
Microsoft Flight Simulator #
FlightGear - active development, C++ (repository).
Microsoft Train Simulator #
OpenRails - active development, C# (repository).
Missle Command #
ICBM3D - halted development, C, no specified licence (repository).
Similar to Natural Selection #
Unvanquished - active development, C (repository).
Tremulous - no development, C (repository).
NetHack #
SLASH'EM - halted development, (C, C++), Nethack General Public License (repository).
Nexuiz #
Xonotic - active development, playable, C (repository).
Omega Race #
Torrega Race - halted development, playable, LÖVE, Lua, GPL3 (repository).
Omega Race Remake - sporadic development, C#, no specified licence (repository).
Paradroid #
FreedroidRPG - active development, (Python, C, Lua), GPL2 (repository).
RPG Maker #
EasyRPG - active development, C++ (repository).
Simcity #
LinCity - moderately active development, C++ (repository).
Micropolis - active development, C++/Python.
MicropolisJS - active development, (JavaScript & HTML5), port of Micropolis, GPL3 (repository).
OpenCity - active development, C++ (repository). - active development, (JavaScript & HTML5), GPL3 (repository).
The Settlers #
The Settlers II
Widelands - active development, C++, Lua, Python (repository).
Snake #
Gusty's Serpents - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Thief #
The Dark Mod - active development, playable, C++ (repository).
Sokoban #
CavePacker - playable, active development, C, SDL, GPL3 (repository).
Sonic the Hedgehog #
Open Surge - sporadic development, C (repository).
Sonic Robo Blast 2 - active development, C, Lua (repository).
Super Hexagon #
Open Hexagon - active development, playable, C++11 (repository).
Super Mario #
Super Mario War - development halted, playable, C++ (repository).
SuperTux - playable, active development, C++, SDL, GPL3 (repository).
Super Mario Bros With SFML in C# - active development, C#, GPL2 (repository).
Transport Tycoon Deluxe #
Simutrans - active development, C++ (repository).
Tribal Hero #
Danger Zone - active (somewhat sporadic) development, Java, not yet playable (repository).
Pizza Tycoon #
Pizza Business - stalled development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Puzzle Bobble #
Frozen Bubble - sporadic development, Perl (repository).
Scorched Earth #
Scorched3D - active development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
SkyRoads #
Orbit-Hopper - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
Tetris #
4DTris - halted development, C, GPL2 (repository).
Hextris - active development, JavaScript, GPL3 (repository).
Crimsonland #
Violetland - development halted, playable, C++ (repository).
Worms Series #
Hedgewars - active development, Pascal/C++/Haskell (repository).
WarMUX - sporadic development, C++ (repository).
UGH! #
CaveExpress - playable, active development, C, SDL, GPL3 (repository).
Warcraft II #
Dark Oberon - (repository).
Wipeout #
Core Breach - (repository).
H-Craft Championship - active development, C++, ZLIB (repository).
Ecksdee - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
HexGL - active development, (HTML5, WebGL), CC 3.0 (repository).
The Rush - halted development, C++, GPL2 (repository).
RGP - Racing Game Project - stalled development, (Python & Blender), no specified licence (repository).
X-COM Series #
UFO: Alien Invasion - active development, C (repository).
Xenowar - development halted, playable, C++ (repository).
Project: Xenocide - development halted, C++, GPL2 (repository).
X-Force: Fight For Destiny - sporadic development, Delhi/Kylix, GPL2 (repository).
XorCurses - sporadic development, completed (repository).
XorGramana - development completed.
Legend of Zelda #
Open Zelda - sporadic development, C++, playable (repository).
The Legend Of Zelda - Return Of The Hylan - finished development, C++, no specified licence (repository).
The Legend Of Zelda - Oni Link Begins - finished development, C++, no specified licence (repository).
The Legend Of Zelda - Time To Triumph - finished development, C++, no specified licence (repository).
The Legend Of Zelda - Navi's Quest - finished development, (SDL & C++), no specified licence (repository).
The Legend Of Zelda - Picross - finished development, C++, no specified licence (repository).
WWW - halted development, (HTML5, JavaScript), GPL3 (repository).