Open Source Game Clones

This site tries to gather open-source remakes of great old games in one place. If you think that something is missing from the list - please go to our Github repository and create an issue or even a pull request!

Since all these projects are open-source you can help them and make this world a better place. Or at least you can play something to appreciate the effort people put in them.

Similar resources: check out Free Gamer, a blog dedicated to open source game news, and Unix ASCII games, a list of opensource text-based games.

All games that were added or updated in the last month are highlighted like this.


ActionScript2 Angelscript1 Assembly3 Blitz BASIC6 C137 C#36 C++278 CoffeeScript4 Delphi4 Elm1 Emacs Lisp1 F#2 GO1 Go2 Haskell1 Java43 JavaFX2 JavaScript55 Lisp2 Lua26 Object Pascal1 Objective-C4 PHP3 Pascal5 Perl2 PowerBASIC1 Python50 QuickBASIC3 Ruby5 Rust1 Scala1 Swift2 TypeScript2 Visual FoxPro1 c1


Action13 Action-Adventure4 Adventure1 Compilation1 Driving/Racing5 Fighting1 First-Person Shooter2 Music/Rhythm1 Platformer4 Puzzle2 Role-Playing9 Shoot 'Em Up1 Shooter2 Simulation7 Sports3 Strategy13

List of remakes

Some of these games aren't exact remakes but evolution of original ones, which were eventually open sourced.
SCUMM # Compilation
ScummVM (repo) Playable Very Active C++ GPL2
List of supported games is here
3D Deathchase # Driving/Racing
Deathchase 3D (repo) C GPL2
Abuse # Action Shooter Horror Sci-Fi
Abuse (repo) Playable Halted C++ Lisp
Ace of Spades # First-Person Shooter World War II
Iceball (repo) Active C Lua Multiple
OpenSpades (repo) Active C++ GPL3
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon # Action Flight Simulator Modern Military
open-horizon (repo) Active C++ nya-engine MIT
Achtung, die Kurve! # Strategy
Zatacka (repo) Halted C SDL GPL
Netacka (repo) Halted C
Age of Empires II # Strategy Real-Time Strategy Medieval
openage (repo) Semi-Playable Active C++ Python SDL Commercial GPL3
Akalabeth: World of Doom # Role-Playing Fantasy
Aklabeth (repo) C GPL2
Alien 8 # Action
Alien 8 (repo) Playable Halted C
Allegiance # Action Simulation Real-Time Strategy Sci-Fi
Free Allegiance (repo) Sporadic C
Shared source
Alone in the Dark # Action-Adventure Horror Alternate Historical
Alone in the Dark 2
Jack in the Dark
Alone in the Dark 3
Free in the Dark (repo) Halted C GPL
Anacreon: Reconstruction 4021 # Strategy Sci-Fi Management
Ard-Reil (repo) Halted C C++ Java Pascal GPL2
Another World # Action-Adventure Platformer Sci-Fi
Out of This World
Outer World (アウターワールド Autā Wārudo)
New RAW (repo) Halted C++ GPL
rawgl (repo) Playable Active C++ GPL
Another World 2: Heart of the Alien #
Heart of the Alien (repo) Halted C
Archon: The Light and the Dark #
XArchon (repo) Halted C C++ GPL3
Ares #
Antares (repo) Playable Active C++ GPL3
Armor Alley # Strategy Shooter Real-Time Tactics
Armor Alley (repo) Active JavaScript CC-BY-NC
Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator #
EmptyEpsilon (repo) Playable Active C++ GPL2
Artillery Duel #
Artillery Duel (repo) Halted Python GPL3
Arx Fatalis #
Arx Libertatis (repo) Active C++ Commercial
Ascendancy #
Starlane Empire (repo) Halted C++ GPL
Asteroids #
Maelstrom (repo) Playable Halted C SDL
Vectoroids (repo) Halted C GPL2
Agendaroids (repo) Halted C GPL2
Sine (repo) Semi-Playable Sporadic C++ SFML MIT
Asylum #
SDL Asylum (repo) Halted C++ GPL3
Atomix #
Atomiks (repo) Playable Halted C Commercial GPL
KAtomic (repo) Active C++ GPL2
GNOME Atomix (repo) Halted C GPL2
WAtomic (repo) Halted Delphi Kylix GPL2
AstroMenace #
AstroMenace (repo) Active C++ GPL3
Astrosmash #
Cosmosmash (repo) Sporadic C++ SDL GPL2
Atomic Bomberman #
Bombman (repo) Sporadic Python GPL
Awesomenauts #
BlakedAwesomenaughts (repo) Active JavaScript PHP MIT
Babaliba #
Babaliba (repo) Visual FoxPro
Baldur's Gate series #
Icewind Dale series
Planescape: Torment
GemRB (repo) Active C++
Ballerburg #
Ballerburg SDL (repo) Active C GPL3
Balloon Fight #
Balloon Fight (repo) Active DIV Games Studio MIT
Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior #
Barbarian (repo) Active QuickBASIC QB64
Battle Chess #
Open BattleChess (repo) Halted C# LGPL
Battle City #
Battle City (repo) Playable Sporadic C++
TZOD (Tank Zone Of Death) (repo) Sporadic C++ Lua GPL3
Bard's Tale Contruction Set #
Bt Builder (repo) Active C++ GPL3
Bejeweled #
biju-game (repo) Halted JavaScript CraftyJS
Bermuda Syndrome #
Bermuda Syndrome (repo) Playable Halted C++ Commercial
Betrayal at Krondor #
xBaK (repo) Playable Halted C++ SDL GPL3
Blade Runner #
replicant (repo) Halted C++
bladerunner (Engine within SCUMMVM) (repo) Active C++ GPL2
Blake Stone: Planet Strike #
bstone (repo) Playable Active C++
Blood #
Blood Crossmatching (EDuke32 vanilla) (repo) Active
Transfusion (repo) Playable Sporadic
Bolo #
orona (repo) Playable Halted HTML5
Bomberman #
SDL Bomber (repo) Playable Halted C SDL
Bombic (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
Bombic2 (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
Bomb Mania Reloaded (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
I Have No Tomatoes (repo) Halted C++
Boulder Dash #
Rocks n diamonds (repo) Playable Sporadic C
GDash (repo) Active C++
Mining Haze (repo) Halted C GPL2
Digger (repo) Active TypeScript
boulder-dash (repo) Active Java
Bratwurst #
bratwurst (repo) Halted Lisp GPL2
Bruce Lee #
Jet Lee (repo) Active C++
Bubble Bobble #
The Bub's Brothers (repo) Halted Python MIT
Bug Bomber #
BitRiot (repo) Active C++ SDL Apache
BurgerTime #
BurgerSpace (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
Buster Bros #
Pomping World
Pang Zero (repo) Halted Perl GPL2
Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space #
Race Into Space (repo) Active C++ GPL2
Cadaver #
Cadaver (repo) Halted C++ Commercial
Caesar 3 #
CaesarIA (repo) Playable Active C++ JavaScript GPL3
most of original game works, except war logic
Call to Power II #
Civilization: Call To Power 2 Source Project (repo) C
Cannon Fodder #
Open Fodder (repo) Playable Active C++
Cannon Fodder (repo) Halted HTML5
Carmageddon #
OpenC1 (repo) Playable Sporadic C# Commercial
Castle of the Winds # Role-Playing Roguelike
Castle of the Winds in Elm (repo) Active Elm JavaScript MIT
Cataclysm # Role-Playing Roguelike Survival Horror
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (repo) Playable Active C++ Lua ncurses CC-BY-SA
Catacomb II #
CatacombSDL (repo) Playable Halted C Commercial
Cave Story # Action-Adventure Platformer Sci-Fi
Doukutsu Monogatari
NXEngine (repo) Playable Sporadic C++ Free GPL3
Chip's Challenge #
Tile World Playable Sporadic C
Tile World 2 (repo) Playable Halted C
ChuChu Rocket! #
Duck Marines (repo) Playable Active Lua CC-BY-SA CC-BY-NC-ND
Circus Atari #
Circus Linux! (repo) Halted C GPL2
Clonk #
OpenClonk (repo) Active C++
Columns #
div-columns (repo) Active DIV Games Studio MIT
Commando #
CommandoJS (repo) Playable Halted JavaScript CoffeeScript melonJS MIT
Commander Keen Series #
Commander Genius (repo) Active C++
Keen Dreams (repo) Active C GPL2
Omnispeak (repo) Active C GPL2
Command & Conquer #
Command & Conquer: Red Alert
Dune 2000
OpenRA (repo) Active C# GPL3
Contra #
Contra_remake (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
CookieClickerRemake (repo) Active C#
Crazy Cars #
Crazy Cars (repo) QuickBASIC QB64
Creatures #
Open Creatures (repo) Halted C++ LGPL
forks present
Crystal Quest #
CrystalQuest (repo) Active JavaScript HTML5 JQuery MIT
Curse of the Azure Bonds #
coab (repo) Playable Sporadic C#
Cytadela #
Cytadela (repo) Sporadic C++ GPL3
C-Dogs # Action Shoot 'Em Up Run and gun
C-Dogs SDL (repo) Playable Active C SDL2 CC-BY
Civilization #
Civ-Remake (repo) Active Ruby
CivOne (repo) Active C# Commercial CC0
Daggerfall #
Dark Forces
Shadow Warrior
XL Engine (repo) Sporadic C++
Dandy #
Fight Or Perish (repo) Sporadic C GPL2
Dark Reign 2 #
Dark Reign 2 (repo) Halted C++
Defender #
Defendguin (repo) Sporadic C GPL2
Descent #
Descent 2
D2X-XL (repo) Active C++
DXX-Rebirth (repo) Active C
Kathodos (repo) Halted Python Panda3D
DesertStrike: Return to the Gulf #
openstrike (repo) Unplayable Sporadic C++ GPL3
Destructo #
Island of Dr. Destructo
The Island of Doctor Destructo
Return of Dr. Destructo (repo) Complete C++ Allegro MIT
Deflektor #
Deflektor X4 Halted C
Mirror Magic Playable Halted C
Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive #
OpenDeathValley (repo) Sporadic C GPL3
Diablo # Action Role-Playing Horror Fantasy Medieval
freeablo (repo) Playable Active C++ Python Commercial GPL3
DGEngine (repo) Active C++ Zlib
Digger # Action
Digger Remastered (repo) Playable Halted C GPL
Digimon World #
Digimon World Project Ark (repo) Active C# Unity
Dodger #
dodger-remake (repo) Halted C++
Dogs of War #
openDOW (repo) Sporadic C GPL3
Doom #
Doom II
Doomsday (repo) Active C GPL2
Chocolate Doom (repo) Active C GPL2
ZDoom (repo) Active C
PrBoom+ (repo) Active C GPL2
Odamex (repo) Playable Active C GPL2
GLHeretic (repo) C
Freedoom (repo) Sporadic Free
Doom Legacy (repo) Playable Active C++
GZDoom (repo) Active C++
Mocha Doom (repo) Active Java GPL3
DOOM-iOS (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
Doom 64 #
Doom64EX (repo) Active C GPL2
Doom 3 #
dhewm3 (repo) Active C++ GPL3
RBDOOM-3-BFG (repo) Active C++ GPL3
works with BFG edition only
Drugwars #
Dope Wars (repo) Sporadic C
RxWars (repo) Active JavaScript
Deuteros #
Deuteros X (repo) Halted C#
Dink Smallwood #
GNU FreeDink (repo) Sporadic C GPL3
Duck Hunt #
duckhunt (repo) Sporadic Python
Duck-Rehunt (repo) Halted Python GPL
Duck Hunter (repo) Halted Python
duckhunt (repo) Halted JavaScript
Duke Nukem #
Freenukum Jump'n Run (repo) Halted C GPL3
Duke Nukem 3D #
EDuke32 (repo) Active C
Dune 2 # Strategy Real-Time Strategy Sci-Fi
Dune Legacy (repo) Active C++ GPL2
OpenDUNE (repo) Active C GPL2
Dune Dynasty (repo) Active C GPL2
Dune 2 - The Maker (repo) Active Java MIT
Dungeon Keeper #
KeeperFX (repo) Active C
Dungeon Master #
Chaos Strikes Back (repo) Halted C++
DungeonMaster (repo) Active C#
DX-Ball #
DXBall (repo) Active Java Gradle
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial #
javascript-E.T. (repo) Sporadic JavaScript HTML5 MIT
Earth Shaker # Puzzle
EarthShakerDS (repo) Active C++ Commercial BSD
Nintendo DS port
earth-shaker (repo) Active Unity
Eat The Whistle # Sports Soccer
Eat The Whistle (repo) Sporadic C GPL2
Echochrome #
Mugen Kairō
l-echo (repo) Halted C++ GPL3
Elements #
OpenEtG (repo) Active JavaScript MIT
Encounter #
encounter (repo) Active JavaScript WebGL
Entombed! #
Entombed! (repo) Halted C
Escape from Colditz # Action Adventure Role-Playing Strategy
Colditz Escape! (repo) Active C GPL3
Eye of the Beholder II #
Dungeon Eye (repo) Sporadic C#
Elasto Mania # Sports Driving/Racing Platformer
X-Moto (repo) Playable Active C++ GPL2
Emperor of the Fading Suns #
Phoenix (repo) Active Java As-is
Exile #
Exile 1988
Blades of Exile
EXILE (repo) Halted Lua LÖVE Custom
Exolon #
exolon (repo) Active JavaScript
Elite #
Mission ELITE: The Battle For Birera (repo) Halted C
Elite II # Action Simulation Sci-Fi Espionage
GLFrontier (repo) Halted C++
Frontier 1337 (repo) C
PSP port
F-1 Spirit # Driving/Racing Motorsports
F-1 Spirit (repo) C++
F-Zero #
F-Zero Clone (repo) Active JavaScript CoffeeScript WebGL
Racer (repo) Active C++ Python GPL3
Fade to Black #
f2bgl Sporadic C++ SDL
Fallout 2 #
DarkFO Unplayable Active JavaScript Python Commercial Apache
Falltergeist (repo) Unplayable Active C++ Commercial
parpg (repo) Halted Python C++ GPL
Fallout 3: Van Buren #
Van Buren Project (repo) Halted C# Custom
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel #
FreeFT (repo) Active C++ BSD
Fallout Online #
fonline (repo) Active C++ GPL3
Fantastic Journey #
Gokujō Parodius!
pucpr-ld-parodius (repo) Halted Construct
Flappy Bird #
CrappyBird (repo) Sporadic JavaScript MIT
Clumsy Bird (repo) Active MelonJS MIT
Hocoslamfy (repo) Halted C SDL GPL
Flashback #
REminiscence Sporadic SDL
Floor 13 #
Floor 13 (repo) Active Ruby
Flying Shark #
Friking Shark (repo) Halted C++ GPL3
Final Fantasy VIII #
OpenTriad Active Java
Flag Catcher #
Gift Grabber (repo) Active JavaScript BackBone.js
Football Manager #
Football Manager (repo) C GPL2
Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures #
Dungeon Craft (repo) Playable Active GPL2
Forsaken # First-Person Shooter Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic
ProjectX (repo) Playable Halted C GPL2
FreeSpace 2 # Action Simulation Sci-Fi
FreeSpace Source Code Project (repo) Active C++
Freelancer #
Librelancer Active C# OpenGL MPL
Frog! #
Back To Nature
back-to-nature-c64-remake (repo) Active Java
Frogs and Flies #
Frog Bog
Batrachians (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
Frogger #
Froggix (repo) Halted Python GPL2
Galaxian #
galaxian (repo) Halted ActionScript
Geometry Wars #
Geometry Wars Remake (repo) Halted Java GPL
Grid Wars 2 (repo) Blitz BASIC
Gish # Platformer Comedy
freegish (repo) Active C SDL Open GPL2 CC-BY-SA
Gladiator #
Openglad (repo) Sporadic C++
Glest #
Glest Advanced Engine Playable Sporadic C++
Gods #
Gods -Deluxe- (repo) Halted Java
GoldenEye 007 #
ges-code (repo) Active C++ GPL3
Gorillas #
Gorillas (repo) Sporadic Objective-C JRL
Gothic #
Gothic II
REGoth (repo) Playable Active C++ Commercial GPL3
Grim Fandango #
Escape from Monkey Island
Myst III: Exile
ResidualVM Active C++
Grand Theft Auto # Action Driving/Racing Crime
OpenGTA (repo) Halted C++
Grand Theft Auto 2 # Action Driving/Racing Crime
gta2net (repo) Halted C#
Grand Theft Auto III #
OpenRW "Open ReWrite" (repo) Active C++ GPL3
Gravity Force #
Galaxy Forces V2 (repo) Active C++
Guitar Hero #
Frets on Fire (repo) Playable Halted Python
(look for songs on the wiki)
Frets on Fire X (repo) Playable Active Python
Hardwar #
Hardwar (repo) Sporadic C C++
Haunted House #
HauntedHouse (repo) Complete ActionScript
Heart of Darkness #
HODe (repo) Halted C++
Heavy Smash #
open-heavy-smash (repo) Halted C++
Hexen II #
Hammer of Thyrion (repo) Active C
Heroes of Might and Magic II #
fheroes2 (repo) Active C++
Heroes of Might and Magic III #
VCMI (repo) Playable Active C++ SDL Commercial GPL2
time-based releases
Highway Encounter #
Vorton (repo) Halted C GPL3
History Line: 1914-1918 # Strategy Turn-Based Tactics World War I
Historyline (repo) Halted C# Unity
Homeworld #
Homeworld SDL (repo) Playable Halted SDL
HoverRace #
HoverRace (repo) Active C++ Custom
Hovertank 3D #
Hovertank3D (repo) Complete C Assembly GPL2
Imperialism #
imperialism-remake (repo) Active Python GPL3
Imperium Galactica #
Open Imperium Galactica (repo) Playable Sporadic Java
Interstate '76 #
Interstate Outlaws (repo) Halted Python GPL
Iron Seed #
Iron Seed (repo) Halted Pascal GPL3
Jagged Alliance 2 #
Jagged Alliance 2 - Stracciatella (repo) Playable Active C++
Jazz Jackrabbit #
OpenJazz (repo) Sporadic C++
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast #
JediOutcastLinux Playable Active C++
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy #
JediAcademyLinux Playable Active C++
OpenJK Playable Active C++
Jet-Story #
Jet-Story (repo) Active C++ MIT
Jetpac #
Jetpac remake (repo) Complete C# XNA
Jewel Thief #
jewelthief (repo) Active Java CC-BY
JezzBall #
Ice Breaker (repo)
Joust #
Ostrich Riders (repo) Sporadic C++ GPL3
Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative #
Open Jumpgate Active C++
Jump 'n Bump #
Jump'n'Bump Halted C GPL2
Jumping Jack #
Jumping Jack: Further Adventures (repo) Halted C++
Jumping Jack 2: Worryingly Familiar (repo) Halted C++
Jumpman #
Jumpman (repo) Halted Assembly
Kaboom! #
DonkeyInTrouble (repo) Sporadic Lua LÖVE
Kid Chameleon #
KidChameleonRemake (repo) Active C#
Knights #
Knights (repo) Active C++ GPL3
Knights and Merchants #
KaM Remake (repo) Active Delphi
Kula World #
Roll Away
Kula Quest
Cubosphere (repo) Halted C++ GPL3
Ken's Labyrinth #
LAB3D/SDL (repo) Sporadic C
Ladder #
Ladder (repo) C#
Ladder (repo) Java GPL2
(source inside JAR file)
ladder (repo) Active GO MIT
Larn #
NLarn (repo) Active C Lua GPL2
Legion #
legion (repo) Halted C++ Irrlict Custom
Lego Rock Raiders #
rock-raiders-remake (repo) Active JavaScript
Liero #
OpenLiero (repo) Halted C++
OpenLieroX (repo) Active C++
Gusanos (repo) Playable Halted
Lionheart #
Lionheart Remake (repo) Active Java GPL2
Little Big Adventure #
twin-e (repo) Playable Sporadic C Commercial GPL
Locomotion (Amiga 1992) #
Pendomotion (repo) Active Python
Lode Runner #
XScavenger Playable Halted C
Lode Runner - Total Recall (repo) Active HTML5
KGoldrunner (repo) Playable Active C++ SDL2 GPL2
Log!cal #
Orbium (repo) Playable Sporadic JavaScript HTML5 GPL2
Pathological (repo) Halted Python GPL2
Lose Your Marbles #
Lose Your Marbles (repo) Sporadic JavaScript MIT
Lumines #
luminesk5 (repo) Halted Objective-C GPL3
Lugaru: The Rabbit's Foot #
Lugaru (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
Solarus (repo) Active C++ Lua
lttp-phaser (repo) Active JavaScript WebGL Phaser MIT
Magical Drop #
Krystal Drop (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
Marble Madness #
Marble Madness 3d (repo) Halted C++
Trackballs (repo) Halted C++
Metroid Prime #
urde (repo) Active C++ Python MIT
engine only
Missile Command #
Missile Command (repo) Playable Halted Lua
Mad TV #
TVTower (repo) Active Blitz BASIC C
Maxit #
Maxit (repo) Java
Maxit (repo) Sporadic C++ BSD
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault #
OpenMoHAA (repo) Unplayable Sporadic C SDL GPL2
based on ioquake3
Monty Mole #
Monty Mole PC remake (repo) Halted C++
Moonbase Commander #
Scorched Moon (repo) Sporadic Python GPL3
Mortal Kombat #
mk.js (repo) Playable Halted JavaScript MIT
M.U.L.E. #
mewl (repo) Sporadic C++ GPL2
Magic Carpet #
magiccarpet (repo) Halted C++
Manic Miner #
Manic Miner (repo) Blitz BASIC
Marathon #
Marathon 2
Marathon Infinity
Aleph One (repo) Active C++
Mario World #
Secret Maryo Chronicles (repo) Sporadic C++
Mari0 (repo) Lua LÖVE
Full Screen Mario (repo) Playable Active JavaScript
M.A.X. #
Mechanized Assault and eXploration Reloaded (repo) Sporadic C++
Mech Warrior #
LinWarrior (repo) Halted C++ Apache
MechCommander 2 #
MechCommander 2 Omnitech (repo) Halted C++ MS-PL
Mega Lo Mania #
Gigalomania (repo) Playable Sporadic C++
MegaMan #
Executive Man (repo) Active JavaScript Custom
Meridian 59 #
Open Meridian (repo) Active C GPL2
Meridian 59 Server 105 (repo) Active C GPL2
Meridian 59 German Server 112 (repo) Active C GPL2
Millipede #
Monsters and Mushrooms (repo) Halted Python GPL2
Minecraft #
Minetest (repo) Active C C++
Manic Digger (repo) Sporadic C#
Gnomescroll Playable Halted C++ GPL3
Terasology (repo) Playable Active Java Apache
Hematite (repo) Active Rust MIT
Digbuild (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
TrueCraft (repo) Active C# MIT
Voxelands (repo) Active C++ GPL3
pycraft (repo) Active Python GPL2
Minesweeper #
Minesweeper (repo) Halted F#
Movie Business #
movbizz (repo) Active PHP JavaScript MIT
Master of Orion Series # Strategy 4X Turn-Based Strategy Sci-Fi
Master of Orion 2
OpenMOO2 (repo) Sporadic Python
Micro Machines #
Microracers (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
Need For Speed II SE #
NFSIISE (repo) Playable Active C++ SDL2 Commercial
Night Stalker #
Afternoon Stalker (repo) Sporadic C++ GPL2
Nebulus #
Toppler Sporadic C++
Nether Earth #
Nether Earth Remake (repo) C++
Neverwinter Nights # Role-Playing Fantasy Sci-Fi Martial Arts
Neverwinter Nights 2
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords
Jade Empire
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
The Witcher
Dragon Age: Origins
Dragon Age II
xoreos (repo) Unplayable Active C++ OpenGL SDL2 Commercial GPL3
Nodes of Yesod #
Nodes of Yesnod remake (repo) Halted C# XNA
Octopus #
Octopus (repo) Active Swift
Apple TV 4 required
Oddworld #
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus
alive (repo) Active C++ MIT
Outcast #
OpenOutcast (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
Outrun #
アウト ラン
Auto Ran
Cannonball (repo) Playable Active C++ Commercial
Outrun (repo) Active QuickBASIC QB64
Oxyd #
Enigma (repo) Active C++
One Must Fall: 2097 # Fighting Sci-Fi
OpenOMF (repo) Playable Active C Free MIT
single player, 2 player and network play work, content from
Ruby OMF 2097 Remake (repo) Halted Ruby BSD4
Overflow #
JOverflow (repo) Halted Java
Pac-Man #
pacman (repo) Halted JavaScript Custom
pacman-canvas (repo) Active HTML5 CC-BY-SA
pacman (repo) Sporadic HTML5
Google Pacman (repo) Complete JavaScript Flash
pacman (repo) Active JavaScript HTML5
jspacman-canvas (repo) Halted JavaScript HTML canvas
div-pacman2600 (repo) Active DIV Games Studio MIT
Pitfall! #
div-pitfall (repo) Active DIV Games Studio MIT
Populous: The Beginning #
OpenPop (repo) Halted C++ GPL3
Portal #
glPortal (repo) Playable Active C++
Prince of Persia #
SDLPoP (repo) Playable Active C
FreePrince Playable Halted C
Panzer General #
OpenGeneral Sporadic C++
Open Panzer (repo) Active HTML5
LGeneral (repo) Playable Halted C
Paratrooper #
Paratrooper (repo) Halted Python
Phantasy #
Phantasy (repo) Halted Java
Pipe Mania #
Pipemania (repo) Halted Lua Love3D
Pokémon #
Tuxemon (repo) Playable Active Python Pygame
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon #
PKMN-FX (repo) Active Java GPL3
Pole Position #
grid-leader (repo) Halted Python Panda3D
Progress Quest #
pq2 (repo) Active C++ ncurses GPL3
Punch-Out!! #
THREEPunchOut (repo) Active JavaScript
Pushover #
Pushover (repo) Playable Sporadic C++
Puzznic / Brix #
Wizznic! (repo) Playable Active C
Paradroid # Action Puzzle Fantasy Sci-Fi
FreedroidClassic Complete C
Nighthawk (repo) Playable Halted C++
Quadnet #
Mauvenet (repo) C++
Quake #
DarkPlaces (repo) Active C GPL2
ezQuake (repo) Active C GPL2
ProQuake 4 (repo) C GPL2
QuakeSpasm (repo) Active C GPL2
TyrQuake (repo) Active C GPL2
Quake 2 #
Jake2 (repo) Active Java GPL2
Yamagi Quake II (repo) Active C GPL2
Quake 3 #
ioquake3 (repo) Active C
OpenArena (repo) Sporadic C
FQuake3 (repo) Sporadic F# GPL2
QuakeJS (repo) Halted JavaScript MIT
Q*bert #
ReQbert (repo) Halted HTML5 GPL3
R-Type #
R-Type Clone from Octobinz (repo) C++
demo only
rtype (repo) Halted C++
Railroad_Tycoon #
FreeRails (repo) Halted C++ Java
FreeRails 2 (repo) Halted Java
Rampart #
Castle-Combat (repo) Playable Halted Python
Escalade (repo) Halted Scala
Rampart-Android (repo) Active Java
Raptor: Call of the Shadows #
raptor (repo) Halted JavaScript
Redneck Rampage #
erampage (EDuke32 fork) (repo) Active C
Rescue! #
Rescue! Max (repo) Halted Java GPL2
Rick Dangerous #
xrick Playable Halted C
rickyd (repo) Playable Sporadic C++
Rise of the Triad #
Rise of the Triad for Linux (repo) Sporadic C
River Raid #
Ruby Raid (repo) Halted Ruby
Road Fighter #
Road Fighter (repo) C++ LGPL2
Robotfindskitten #
rfk-inform (repo) Halted Inform6
Robotron: 2084 #
robotron (repo) Active JavaScript
Rodent's Revenge #
Open Rodent's Revenge (repo) Halted C++ GPL3
RollerCoaster Tycoon #
FreeRCT (repo) Active C++
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 #
OpenRCT2 (repo) Active C GPL3
Ryzom #
Ryzom Core (repo) Active C++ AGPL3
Scorched Earth #
Atomic Tanks Playable Sporadic
Scramble #
Scramble (repo) PowerBASIC
Seaquest #
Seaquest (repo) Sporadic C#
Shadowgrounds: Survivor #
shadowgrounds (repo) Halted C++ Custom
Simon #
asdf (repo) Complete JavaScript MIT
Skool Daze #
pyskool (repo) Active Python GPL3
Space Rangers 2: Dominators #
OpenSR (repo) Active C++ Python
Strike Commander #
libRealSpace (repo) Active C++
Strikers 1945 #
Py1945 (repo) Halted Python GPL
Sensible Soccer # Sports Soccer
FreeKick (repo) Active C++ GPL
YSoccer (repo) Sporadic Blitz BASIC GPL
Sensitive #
One Way To Go (repo) Active Lua GPL3
Seven Kingdoms #
Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries (repo) Active C++
Shining Force II #
Shining Force 2 Reverse Engineer (SF2RE) (repo) Sporadic C
reverse engineering project
Shining Soul #
Shining-Soul-Remake (repo) Active Python
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri #
Freeciv Alpha Centauri project (repo) Halted C GPL2
Sid Meier's Colonization #
FreeCol (repo) Active Java
cc94 (repo) Active C++ Python Commercial AGPL3
Sid Meier's Pirates! #
Crown and Cutlass (repo) Halted C++ BSD
Shadow Warrior #
JonoF's Shadow Warrior Port (JFSW) (repo) Playable Active C
SWP (repo) C GPL2
Siege #
FreeSiege (repo) Playable Sporadic C++
Siege of Avalon #
Siege of Avalon Open Source (repo) Halted Pascal Custom
Silencer #
zSILENCER (repo) Playable Halted C++
Silent Hunter 4 #
Danger from the Deep (repo) Sporadic C++
SimTower #
OpenSkyscraper (repo) Playable Active C++
SingStar #
UltraStar Deluxe (repo) Playable Active Object Pascal
Solar Fox #
SolarWolf (repo) Python LGPL2
Sopwith #
SDL Sopwith (repo) Playable Halted C SDL
Sopwith 3 (repo) C++ GPL2
Space Invaders #
pyspaceinvaders (repo) Halted Python GPL2
div-spaceinvaders2600 (repo) Active DIV Games Studio MIT
Space Rangers #
Space-rangers (repo) Halted C#
Speedball 2 #
Speedball 2 Unplayable Halted C#
reverse engineered prototype
Star Control 2 #
The Ur-Quan Masters (repo) Active C
star-control2 (repo) Active C++ MIT
Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force #
RPG-X (repo) Active C GPL2
Starcraft #
Stargus (repo) Sporadic C++ Lua
Stunt Car Racer #
Stunt Car Racer Remake (repo) Halted C++
Stars! #
Freestars (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
NStars! (repo) Halted C# GPL2
Star Raiders (Atari) #
Atari8bit_StarRaiders (repo) Halted Assembly
reverse engineering project
Star Wars (1983 arcade game) #
Star-Wars-III (repo) Complete Python GPL2
Starshatter #
starshatter-open (repo) Sporadic C++ Custom
Stunts #
4D Sports Driving
Ultimate Stunts (repo) Sporadic C++
Styx #
Styx (repo) Halted C++
Supaplex #
splexhd (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
Super Cars #
Supercars III (repo) Sporadic JRL
Super Foul Egg #
SuperFoulEgg (repo) Halted Objective-C Custom
Super Mario #
Mega Mario Playable Halted C++
pucpr-ld-mario3 (repo) Halted Construct2
uMario (repo) Playable Halted C++ SDL2 GPL2
Super Methane Brothers #
Super Methane Brothers Playable Halted C++
super-methane-brothers-gx (repo) Sporadic C++ GPL2
Wii and GameCube port
Super Monkey Ball #
Veraball (repo) Active Gobot MIT
irrlamb (repo) Active C++ Irrlicht GPL3
Neverball (repo) Active C++ SDL GPL2
Survivor (1986) #
Survivor (repo) Playable Sporadic JavaScript HTML CC-BY-NC
Syndicate #
FreeSynd (repo) Active C++
Syndicate Wars #
Syndicate Wars Port Playable Halted Commercial GPL3
no network support
System Shock #
Citadel (repo) Unity]
Shobon Action #
Open Syobon Action (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
SkiFree #
skifree.js (repo) Active JavaScript Custom
Skifree-HTML5-clone (repo) Halted HTML5 GPL3
Slot Racers #
Slot-Racers (repo) Halted C GPL3
Snake #
snake (repo) Playable Active Java WTFPL
Space Station 13 # Role-Playing Simulation Sci-Fi Comedy Espionage
Griefly (repo) Active C++ Go Python MIT
Space Station 14 (repo) Active C# GPL3
ss13remake (repo) Halted C# GPL3
Star Fox 64 #
UnnamedStarFoxClone (repo) Active C# Unity
Stratosphere: Conquest of the Skies #
openStrato (repo) Active JavaScript WebGL GPL2
Swing #
XSwing Plus (repo) Sporadic Java GPL3
SkyRoads #
spaceroads (repo) Halted C++ Ogre3D
OpenRoads (repo) Playable Halted TypeScript HTML5 WebGL MIT
The Binding of Isaac #
Witch Blast (repo) Playable Active C++ SFML Open GPL CC-BY-NC-SA
The Elder Scrolls: Arena #
opentesarenapp (repo) Unplayable Halted C++ Commercial
OpenTESArena (repo) Unplayable Active C++ SDL2 Commercial MIT
The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall #
Daggerfall.NET (repo) Halted C#
opendf (repo) Unplayable Sporadic C++ GPL3
Daggerfall Unity (repo) Unity MIT
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind # Role-Playing Fantasy
OpenMW (repo) Playable Active C++ GPL3
The Goonies #
The Goonies (repo) C++
The Great Giana Sisters #
OpenGGS (repo) Active C++ GPL2
The Lord of the Rings Volume 1 #
Lord of the Rings game engine (repo) Playable Halted C
The Maze of Galious #
The Maze of Galious (repo) C++ GPL2
The Need for Speed #
OpenNFS1 (repo) Halted C#
The Adventures of Robbo #
Robbo (repo) Playable Active JavaScript
The Sentinel #
sentinel (repo) Sporadic JavaFX
Terraria #
Open Terraria Rewrite (repo) Halted Java
terrarium (repo) Active C++
The Castles of Dr. Creep #
DrCreep (repo) Complete C++
The Hobbit #
hobbitgfx (repo) Active JavaScript
The Last Ninja #
LastNinja (repo) Playable Sporadic C++
The Settlers #
Freeserf (repo) Playable Active C
The Settlers II #
Return to the Roots (repo) Active C++
The Settlers III #
JSettlers (repo) Active Java Commercial
Tempest #
Arashi-JS (repo) Halted JavaScript
Space Twitch (repo) Active C#
wbta (repo) Active Java
Test Drive #
opengl_test_drive_clone (repo) C GPL3
Tetris #
tetris (repo) Java WTFPL
Tetris Attack #
Panel Attack (repo) Playable Active Lua
basic networking support
Crack Attack! (repo) Playable Halted C++
networking support
FreeBlocks Playable Active C SDL
Theme Hospital #
CorsixTH (repo) Playable Active C++ Lua SDL2 Multiple
time-based releases
Theme Park #
Theme Park Builder 3D CAD (repo) Halted C++ OpenGL SDL GPL2
Thromolus #
thromolusng (repo) Halted Python GPL3
Thrust #
Thrust (repo) Halted C GPL2
Tiny Wings #
Tiny Wings (repo) Halted Objective-C MIT
Titus the Fox #
OpenTitus (repo) Sporadic C SDL
Total Annihilation #
Spring (repo) Active C++ Java Python
Total Annihilation 3D (repo) Sporadic C++
Tomb Raider #
OpenRaider Active C++
OpenTomb (repo) Active C++
Touhou #
PyTouhou (repo) Active Python
Taisai Project (repo) Playable Halted C
TrackMania #
ManiaDrive (repo) C PHP
Transplant #
Spaceship Duel (repo) Sporadic C# BSD
Transport Tycoon # Strategy Simulation Management
Transport Tycoon Deluxe
OpenTTD (repo) Playable Active C++ Swapable GPL2
Tranz Am #
Tranzam (repo) Halted C++
Tron #
newtron (repo) Halted JavaScript
Tron (repo) JavaScript HTML jQuery CSS
Turmoil #
datastorm (repo) Active C Apache
Turnabout #
turnabout (repo) Halted CoffeeScript
Turok #
TurokEX (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
Turrican #
Hurrican Playable Halted C++
Makefile needs edits to compile on Linux
Tyrian #
OpenTyrian (repo) Sporadic C
Tyrian Remake (repo) Sporadic Java GPL2
Thief # Action-Adventure Crime Fantasy
openDarkEngine (repo) Unplayable Halted C++ GPL2
Ugh! #
UGH-remake (repo) Halted C
Ultima Online #
Iris2 (repo) Playable Halted
Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress #
UiirJS (repo) Halted JavaScript
Ultima IV #
xu4 (repo) Active C++
Ultima VI #
The Savage Empire
Martian Dreams
Nuvie (repo) Active C++
Ultima VII #
Exult (repo) Sporadic C++
Ultima VIII #
Pentagram (repo) Sporadic C++
Uncharted Waters #
Uncharted waters 2 remake (repo) Active Java GPL2
Uninvited #
uninvited (repo) Sporadic Inform Artistic
Utopia #
Utopia (repo) Halted JavaScript
Vlak #
Train (repo) Sporadic Java BSD
Viper #
viper (repo) Halted CoffeeScript
Warlords II #
FreeLords (repo) Active Java GPL2
Warcraft: Orcs & Humans #
warcraft-remake (repo) Active Java Commercial GPL2
OpenWar (repo) Unplayable Sporadic Go Commercial GPL3
Warcraft II #
Wargus (repo) Sporadic C++ Lua
Wario Land 3 #
Wario-Land-3 (repo) Active Python Pygame
Warzone 2100 #
Warzone 2100 (repo) Active C++
Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? (1985) #
thiefcatcher (repo) Active C++ GPL3
Willow #
Willow-Game-Remake (repo) Halted C++
Wing Commander: Privateer #
Privateer - Gemini Gold (repo) Sporadic C++
Wizard of Wor #
KnightOfWor (repo) Active Java GPL3
Wizardry #
Wizardry Legacy (repo) Active C++ GPL3
Wolfenstein 3D #
Spear of Destiny
ECWolf (repo) Active C++
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory #
ET: Legacy (repo) Active C C++ Lua Commercial
World of Goo #
OpenGoo (repo) Unplayable Active
X-COM Series # Strategy Horror Sci-Fi
X-COM: UFO Defense
X-COM: Terror from the Deep
X-COM: Apocalypse
UFO: Enemy Unknown
OpenXcom (repo) Playable Active C++ GPL3
EU fully playable, TftD in development
UFO2000 (repo) Playable Halted C++
OpenApoc (repo) Active C++ MIT
X-It #
xit (repo) Halted JavaScript
Xenon 2 Megablast #
Phavon (repo) Halted C GPL2
XPilot #
XPilot NG (repo) Halted C GPL2
XQuest #
XQuest 2 (repo) Pascal Custom
Zarch #
Ajax3d (repo) Halted JavaScript GPL2
Z Virus (repo) Blitz BASIC
Z Virus V2 (repo) Blitz BASIC
Z #
The Zod Engine (repo) Active
Zoop #
KZap (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
Zoop (repo) Java
Zombie Apocalypse #
zombie apocalypse html5 (repo) Halted JavaScript HTML5
Zork #
Zorkish (repo) Sporadic C++
Zuma #
Zaz (repo) Halted C++ GPL3

List of clones

Games which are very similar to or heavily inspired by a game or series.
A-Train #
FreeRails (repo) Halted C#
Age of Empires #
0 A.D. (repo) Playable Active C++ GPL2
Anno series #
Unknown Horizons (repo) Active Python
Arkanoid #
PyBreak360 (repo) Active Python
Ball And Wall (repo) Active JavaScript MIT
Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator #
Space Nerds In Space (repo) Active C GPL2
Battle Chess #
Brutal Chess (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
Battle City #
BattleCity2014 (repo) Sporadic C++ Ogre3D EntityX # Simulation
Rigs of Rods (repo) Playable Active C C++ Angelscript Python OGRE3D Engine GPL3
Battle Isle series #
Crimson Fields (repo) Playable Sporadic C++
Advanced Strategic Command (repo) Playable Sporadic C++ GPL2
Battle Zone #
BZFlag (repo) Playable Active C++
Brain Blasters #
brainblast (repo) Sporadic C++
Breakout #
BRIQUOLO (repo) Halted C++ GPL3
Candy Crush Saga #
CookieCrunch (repo) Sporadic Swift
Company of Heroes series # Strategy Real-Time Strategy World War II
Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor
Company of Heroes 2
Spring: 1944 (repo) Playable Very Active Lua Spring RTS Engine GPL CC-BY-NC
Gameplay is a mix of Company of Heroes and Supreme Commander
Civilization II # Strategy Turn-Based Strategy 4X Alternate Historical Management
Freeciv (repo) Active C
Play Freeciv! (repo) Active C Java JavaScript
online browser game
C-Evo (repo) Playable Delphi
Crimsonland #
Violetland (repo) Playable Active C++
Diablo # Action Role-Playing Horror Fantasy Medieval
Summoning Wars (repo) Active C++ Lua GPL3
Flare (repo) Active C++ GPL3
Dungeon Keeper 2 #
OpenKeeper (repo) Unplayable Active Java JMonkeyEngine Commercial GPL3
Dupocracy (repo) Active HTML5
Dungeon Keeper #
OpenDungeons (repo) Active C++
Elite #
Oolite (repo) Active
Elite II # Action Simulation Sci-Fi Espionage
Pioneer (repo) Playable Active C++ C Lua GPL3
Escape Velocity #
Naev (repo) Active C
Endless Sky (repo) Active C++ GPL3
Fall Down #
ativayeban (repo) Playable Halted C SDL GPL2
Falling Time (repo) Playable Halted C SDL2 GPL2
Falcon #
FreeFalcon (repo) Active C++ BSD2
Guitar Hero # Music/Rhythm
Dance Dance Revolution
Performous (repo) Playable Active C++
Stepmania (repo) Playable Active C++ Lua
Heroes of Might and Magic III #
Ancient Beast (repo) Playable Active JavaScript HTML5 Phaser
Herzog Zwei #
Herzog 3D (repo) Halted GPL2
Hack # Role-Playing Roguelike
SLASH'EM (repo) Halted C NGPL
Lemmings #
Pingus (repo) Active C++
Lix (repo) Playable Active C++
JavaFXLemmings (repo) Active JavaFX GPL2
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge #
RacerJS (repo) Halted JavaScript MIT
Legend of Zelda #
Open Zelda (repo) Playable Sporadic C++
The Legend Of Zelda - Return Of The Hylan (repo) Complete C++
The Legend Of Zelda - Oni Link Begins (repo) Complete C++
The Legend Of Zelda - Time To Triumph (repo) Complete C++
The Legend Of Zelda - Navi's Quest (repo) Complete C++ SDL
The Legend Of Zelda - Picross (repo) Complete C++
Fanwor (repo) Playable Active C SDL GPL2
Mortal Kombat #
OpenMortal (repo) Sporadic C++
Master of Monsters # Strategy Turn-Based Strategy Fantasy
The Battle for Wesnoth (repo) Active C++ C Java Python Lua Emacs Lisp GPL2
Mario Kart #
SuperTuxKart (repo) Playable Active C++
Master of Orion Series # Strategy 4X Turn-Based Strategy Sci-Fi
Master of Orion 2
FreeOrion (repo) Sporadic C++ Python Open GPL2 CC-BY-SA
Microsoft Flight Simulator #
FlightGear (repo) Active C++
Microsoft Train Simulator #
OpenRails (repo) Active C#
Missle Command #
ICBM3D (repo) Halted C
Nexuiz #
Xonotic (repo) Playable Active C
Omega Race #
Torrega Race (repo) Playable Halted Lua LÖVE GPL3
Omega Race Remake (repo) Sporadic C#
Paradroid # Action Puzzle Fantasy Sci-Fi
FreedroidRPG (repo) Playable Active Python C Lua GPL2
Pizza Tycoon #
Pizza Business (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
Puzzle Bobble #
Frozen Bubble (repo) Sporadic Perl
RPG Maker #
EasyRPG (repo) Active C++
Similar to Natural Selection #
Unvanquished (repo) Active C
Tremulous (repo) Halted C
Simcity # Simulation Management
Lincity (repo) Halted C GPL
LinCity-NG (repo) Active C++ GPL2
Micropolis (repo) Halted C++ Python GPL
MicropolisJS (repo) Halted JavaScript HTML5 GPL3
OpenCity (repo) Halted C++ GPL2 (repo) Halted JavaScript HTML5 GPL3
Snake #
Gusty's Serpents (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
Sokoban #
CavePacker (repo) Playable Active C SDL GPL3
Sonic the Hedgehog #
Open Surge (repo) Sporadic C
Sonic Robo Blast 2 (repo) Active C Lua
Super Hexagon #
Open Hexagon (repo) Playable Active C++
Super Mario #
Super Mario War (repo) Playable Halted C++
SuperTux (repo) Playable Active C++ SDL GPL3
Super Mario Bros With SFML in C# (repo) Active C# GPL2
Super Mario Bros And Level Editor in C# (repo) Active C# MIT
Scorched Earth #
Scorched3D (repo) Active C++ GPL2
SkyRoads #
Orbit-Hopper (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
The Clue! #
Der Clou! (repo) Sporadic c
Tetris Attack #
Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks (repo) Active C++ SDL2 GPL
Thrust #
Transball GL (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
Super Transball 2 (repo) Complete C++ GPL3
Transport Tycoon # Strategy Simulation Management
Transport Tycoon Deluxe
Simutrans (repo) Playable Active C++ Artistic
The Lost Vikings #
freeVikings (repo) Sporadic Ruby GPL2
The Settlers #
The Settlers II
Widelands (repo) Active C++ Lua Python
Thief # Action-Adventure Crime Fantasy
The Dark Mod (repo) Playable Active C++
Tribal Hero #
Danger Zone (repo) Unplayable Active Java
Tetris #
4DTris (repo) Halted C GPL2
Hextris (repo) Active JavaScript GPL3
UGH! #
CaveExpress (repo) Playable Active C SDL GPL3
WWW (repo) Halted JavaScript HTML5 GPL3
Warcraft II #
Dark Oberon (repo)
Wolfenstein 3D #
Spear of Destiny
Voxelstein 3D (repo) Halted C++ MIT
Worms Series #
Hedgewars (repo) Active Pascal C++ Haskell
WarMUX (repo) Sporadic C++
Wipeout #
Core Breach (repo)
H-Craft Championship (repo) Active C++ ZLIB
Ecksdee (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
HexGL (repo) Active HTML5 WebGL MIT
The Rush (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
RGP - Racing Game Project (repo) Halted Python Blender
X-COM Series # Strategy Horror Sci-Fi
X-COM: UFO Defense
X-COM: Terror from the Deep
X-COM: Apocalypse
UFO: Enemy Unknown
UFO: Alien Invasion (repo) Active C
Xenowar (repo) Playable Halted C++
Project: Xenocide (repo) Halted C++ GPL2
X-Force: Fight For Destiny (repo) Sporadic Delphi Kylix GPL2
XorCurses (repo) Complete
XorGramana (repo) Complete