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Dune 2 genre:Real-Time Strategy theme:Sci-Fi Edit
( repo ) type:Clone status:Playable development:Complete lang:QuickBASIC content:Free license:Custom
An old RTS game inspired by Dune II and Command & Conquer, written in Quick Basic. All graphics drawn by the author, but uses sound effects extracted from Dune II.
( repoGitHub stars ) type:Remake development:Active lang:Java license:MIT
( repoSourceforge downloads ) type:Remake development:Halted lang:C license:GPL2
( repoSourceforge downloads ) type:Remake status:Playable development:Active lang:C++ content:Commercial license:GPL2 multiplayer:Competitive Online
Updated clone which uses data files from the original game. New features include multiple unit selection/control, high resolution support, multiplayer gaming, improved gui and a selection of new AIs to play against.
OpenDUNE ( repoGitHub stars ) type:Remake status:Playable development:Active lang:C framework:SDL SDL2 license:GPL2