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Minecraft genre:Action RPG subgenre:Survival Sandbox Action RPG theme:Fantasy Edit
( repoGitHub stars ) type:Remake status:Playable development:Very Active lang:C framework:OpenGL content:Open license:BSD multiplayer:Online
A complete re-implementation of Minecraft Classic, with optional additions.
( repoGitHub stars ) type:Clone status:Playable development:Halted lang:C Python framework:OpenGL content:Open license:MIT multiplayer:Online
( repoGitHub stars ) type:Clone status:Semi-Playable development:Very Active lang:Java framework:LWJGL content:Open license:GPL3
( repoGitHub stars ) type:Remake development:Halted lang:C++ license:GPL2
( repoGitHub stars ) type:Similar status:Playable development:Active lang:C# framework:XNA content:Open license:MIT
Base building strategy game inspired by Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft
Gnomescroll ( repoGitHub stars ) type:Remake status:Playable development:Halted lang:C++ license:GPL3
( repoGitHub stars ) type:Remake status:Unplayable development:Active lang:Rust license:MIT
Hematite is a project aiming to implement Minecraft in Rust.
( repoGitHub stars ) type:Remake status:Playable development:Halted lang:C# framework:OpenGL content:Open license:PD multiplayer:Online
( repo ) type:Clone status:Playable development:Active lang:Lua framework:Minetest Engine content:Open license:GPL3 CC-BY-SA CC0 multiplayer:Online LAN
A Minecraft Java Edition 1.12 clone built as a Minetest game
Minecraft ( repoGitHub stars ) type:Clone status:Unplayable development:Active lang:C++ framework:OpenGL content:Free license:As-is
A Minecraft clone written in C++ with OpenGL
MineCraft-One-Week-Challenge ( repoGitHub stars ) type:Clone status:Semi-Playable development:Active lang:C++ framework:SFML content:Open license:MIT
minecraft-weekend ( repoGitHub stars ) type:Clone status:Playable development:Complete lang:C framework:OpenGL license:MIT
( repoGitHub stars ) type:Similar status:Playable development:Active lang:C C++ Lua content:Open license:LGPL2 CC-BY-SA multiplayer:Online LAN
Mintest is an engine, but ships with the game Minetest Game
pycraft ( repoGitHub stars ) type:Remake development:Active lang:Python license:GPL2
( repoGitHub stars ) type:Remake status:Playable development:Active lang:Java license:Apache
TrueCraft ( repoGitHub stars ) type:Remake development:Halted lang:C# license:MIT
( repo ) type:Similar development:Active lang:Rust content:Open license:GPL3 multiplayer:Online LAN
Voxelands ( repoGitLab stars ) type:Remake development:Active lang:C++ license:GPL3