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Minesweeper genre:Puzzle Edit
Isometric-Minesweeper ( repoGitHub stars ) type:Clone status:Playable development:Active lang:Python framework:pygame content:Open license:MIT
( repoGitHub stars ) type:Clone status:Playable development:Active lang:C++ framework:Qt content:Open license:GPL3
( repo ) type:Clone status:Playable development:Very Active lang:Vala content:Free license:GPL3
Minesweeper ( repoGitHub stars ) type:Remake development:Halted lang:F# license:As-is
( repoGitHub stars ) type:Remake status:Playable development:Halted lang:JavaScript framework:React Redux content:Free license:As-is
Minesweeper (in C) ( repoGitHub stars ) type:Remake development:Halted lang:C content:Open license:BSD
This is a command line minesweeper game in C.
type:Clone status:Playable development:Complete lang:JavaScript framework:Vue.js license:As-is
minesweeper-rs ( repoGitHub stars ) type:Clone status:Playable development:Sporadic lang:Rust content:Open license:MIT
A port of robmikh/Minesweeper using winrt-rs
( repoGitHub stars ) type:Remake status:Playable development:Active lang:JavaScript content:Open license:MIT
Open source JavaScript Minesweeper clone with high scores
( repoGitHub stars ) type:Clone status:Playable development:Complete lang:TypeScript framework:WebGL license:Apache