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Super Mario genres:Platform Edit
Mario Objects ( repoGitHub stars ) type:Clone status:Playable development:Halted langs:C# frameworks:.NET licenses:MIT Edit
type:Remake status:Playable development:Halted langs:C++ licenses:LGPL2 Edit
pucpr-ld-mario3 ( repoGitHub stars ) type:Remake status:Unplayable development:Halted frameworks:Construct2 licenses:As-is Edit
( repo ) type:Clone status:Playable development:Halted langs:Python frameworks:pygame content:Open licenses:CC0 CC-BY CC-BY-SA GPL2 GPL3 Edit
Loosely inspired by the Mario games, utilizing the art assets from the SuperTux project.
( repoGitHub stars ) type:Clone status:Playable development:Halted langs:C++ licenses:As-is Edit
SuperMarioBros-C ( repoGitHub stars ) type:Remake status:Playable development:Complete langs:C++ frameworks:SDL2 content:Commercial licenses:As-is Edit
An attempt to translate the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES to readable C/C++.
( repoGitHub stars ) type:Clone status:Playable development:Active langs:C++ frameworks:SDL2 content:Open licenses:GPL3 Edit
Tux Builder ( repoGitHub stars ) type:Clone status:Unplayable development:Active langs:GDScript frameworks:Godot content:Open licenses:GPL3 Edit
A Godot re-implementation of SuperTux
uMario ( repoGitHub stars ) type:Remake status:Playable development:Halted langs:C++ frameworks:SDL2 licenses:GPL2 Edit
( repoGitHub stars ) type:Clone status:Playable development:Very Active langs:C++ frameworks:SDL2 content:Free licenses:GPL3 multiplayer:Competitive Local Split-screen Co-op Edit
Port of Super Mario Bros X fangame from Visual Basic 6 to C++